There are occasions for invitations
If you are bright, you use this site
Author: Horst Winkler

Wordings for funny DIY invitations


Here are some free samples, which you can use for private purposes,
for instance this short rhyming invitation:

Donīt leave for places far away
There is a day, when you should stay
Youīd miss my party otherwise
If you donīt mind, please memorize:

(data of time and location)

Author: Horst Winkler

Invitations To A Party

Hey, come on, itīs partytime
And I use this little rhyme
Just to tell you: Youīre invited
I will really be delighted
If you come to join us then
Hereīs the data- where and when:

(data of time and location)
Author: Horst Winkler

A reason to party is easy to find
And there is a special one now in my mind
So letīs come together to have a good drink
And if itīs one more, you donīt mind, I think

Author: Horst Winkler

Invitation to a cool party

There will be a revelry
And I guess that it will be
Very cool but kind of loud
Come and see what it īs about

Author: Horst Winkler

Short Invitations

Letīs enjoy the days weīre here
Let us celebrate
An occasionīs coming near
Notify the date

Author: Horst Winkler

Another short Invite

From time to time we should unite
Letīs party till the morning light
And if you are still free that night
Just take this as a kind invite

Author: Horst Winkler

Iīm feeling fit from head to toe
Not different like some years ago
And still I love to celebrate
Would you please notify the date

Author: Horst Winkler

This message goes to east and west
To north and south and all the rest
Thereīll be a party, be my guest
To make you feel good is my quest

Author: Horst Winkler

If there is a special date
That you want to celebrate
And you search for inspirations
For some funny invitations
If youīre running out of time
Here youīll find a little rhyme
You can use it to invite
And itīs gonna be all right

Author: Horst Winkler

Invitation to a Wedding

We want to spend our lives together
In pleasant times and stormy weather
And plan a party for our friends
It starts at 8, but when it ends
We just donīt know and we donīt care
We strongly hope to see you there

Author: Horst Winkler

Short Invite for a Wedding

We are sure, there is no doubt
Nothing left to think about
Mark the day and keep it free
Join our wedding company

Author: Horst Winkler

Poem for a Wedding Invitation
(A happy bride-to-be invites)

The right one is so hard to find
Because he has to please the mind
He must be faithful, nice and smart
And really touch the very heart
Iīve found him now and Iīm so glad
He is the best, Iīve ever had
Iīm happy, what more can I say?
Please join us on our wedding day

Author: Horst Winkler

Invitation to a Silver Wedding

Evīryday we shared our life
Five times five

Caring man and loving wife
Five times five

Also fair in evīry strife
Five times five

Always trying to find a rhyme
Five times five years of our time

And we think, this is at least
A good reason for a feast

Author: Horst Winkler

Soon thereīll be a certain date
And I would appreciate
If you join me celebrating
īcause alone itīs too frustrating

Author: Horst Winkler

Verse For An Invitation To A Farewell Party

According to custom when someone will leave
He would not go in the night like a thief
If he wants to look straight in everyoneīs eye
He should throw a party to say his good-bye

Author: Horst Winkler

Would you care for a libation
And accept my invitation
To a little celebration
This is not an obligation
But the hopeful expactation
Of a little conversation
Maybe also contemplation
Or some kind of stimulation
But at least some relaxation
Is in my imagination
An attractive inspiration

Hereīs the time and the location:

Send me please some information
Just about participation

Author: Horst Winkler

A little funny poem to someone, who tries to hide on the birthday

The spotlight shines upon you
Donīt even try to hide
There is no place to run to
It would not be polite
īcause many here around you
Would like to wish you luck
They would not like to hound you
If youīd prefer to duck

Author: Horst Winkler

Funny Poems For An Invitation To A Birthhday Party

A certain day is coming near
And what I feel- it is not fear
But Iīm amazed a little bit
Although Iīm feeling young and fit
There is that number, big and round
That comes to strike me with one bound

But anyway- itīs my delight
For it is you that I invite

Author: Horst Winkler

Itīs not a really reason to cheer
That soon Iīll finish another year
But if you come and stand by my side
Then Iīll enjoy the party that night

Author: Horst Winkler

Invitation to a little childīs birthday

The time goes on, the day is near
When our child has one more year
(S)He is so very proud to know
And very much (s)heīd like to show
All of the things that (s)he can do
Impatiently (s)he waits for you

For any questions just feel free
To ask and call immediately

Author: Horst Winkler

General Invitation

Will you pay attention please
I donīt really want to tease
But there is a certain date
That Iīd like to celebrate

Could you note just where and when
Iīd be glad to see you then

Author: Horst Winkler

Invitation to a good-bye party when someone will retire

You know I will retire now
I canīt believe it anyhow
Will I really leave this place
Stay at home and change my pace?
Help me please to realize
Maybe youīve got some advice
How to spend my time all day
Do you think I overplay?
Would you please just come and see
If you have some tips for me?

Author: Horst Winkler

Invitation To A Jubilee

Soon Iīll have a jubilee
You are one, Iīd like to see
With a partner or alone
Write a message, use the phone
Tell me: Will I see your face
When my little feast takes place?

Author: Horst Winkler

Invitation to a barbecue

Iīd like to spend some time with you
Weīll have a little barbecue
And drink a glass of wine or beer
I think, youīll like the atmosphere
A special day I want to face
I hope to see you at my place

Author: Horst Winkler

Invitation to an opening of a business

Attempting just an opening
I hope, it works out fine
Each business is a special thing
Some fail, I hope not mine

But optimistically I
Will start this enterprise
And kindly I invite hereby
Will you please memorize:

Author: Horst Winkler

If you sent your invitation cards to everybody, you would like to invite, an important part of your preparations is done. But you know. that this is only the beginning. You have to order a location and fix the menue. Eating is the greatest thing in life for some people, maybe drinking for others (I donīt hope so). Once you managed this, you think farther: Can you offer your guests of the party something, that they will remember for a long time? A funny speech or another little performance would be a nice memory for all of you. Good luck to you finding ideas for a special act.

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