They are usefull many times-
Birthday poems with good rhymes

Author: Horst Winkler

Funny Birthday Poems

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Use funny poems to congratulate!

"Happy birthday"- these two words
Are very often said
Many times and everywhere
They have been heard and read

If I use these oldish words
Believe me, that it´s true
From the bottom of my heart
They spring and just for you

Author: Horst Winkler

Wishes For A Funny Happy Birthday

Pleasant surprises and funny things
And smiles around you there
Sunshine even in the room
Kind laughter everywhere

Your loved ones will be with you, too
This is my birthday wish to you

Author: Horst Winkler

The caroussel of years runs fast
And ev´ry round will soon be past
But anyway- enjoy the ride
And have nice people at your side

Author: Horst Winkler

Belated Wishes For A Birthday

Yes, I know, that I´m too late
And I really missed the date
(Maybe I am growing old)
I´m so sorry ´bout this fault
Even it is not on time
Would you please accept this rhyme
With my wishes, which are good
(In your case it´s understood)

Author: Horst Winkler

Saying for the 30th birthday

30- that is quite a shock
Can you handle it?
Do you think your youth will end
Are you really hit?

Don´t be scared- you´re looking now
Just the way you did
And I bet in every matter
You´re still well and fit

Author: Horst Winkler

Vers for the 40th birthday

You are 40? Don´t be sad
Now you are mature
You won´t lose a thing you had
You´ll have more, for sure

Author: Horst Winkler

Meaning of the 50th birthday

50 years- what does it mean?
You´re mature, no longer green
Life goes on, we´ll stay in touch
And it will not change too much

Author: Horst Winkler

You´re feeling good from head to toe
Your shape is quite fantastico?
Let´s cheer together 50 years
With fancy food, with wine and beers

Author: Horst Winkler

At the age of 66
There are things you cannot fix
The freshness of your youth is gone
Decisions are all made and done
Although the day came very fast
Don´t panic- it won´t be the last

Author: Horst Winkler

How to congratulate the girl you love

Please congratulate with style
You will see, it makes her smile
If you use a little verse
(Which of course is to rehearse)
She will keep it in her mind
And she´ll take you as refined

Author: Horst Winkler

To a child on the birthday
(on a birthday card)

So it is now, your special day
Expected for so long
I hope you´re feeling really good
And nothing will go wrong

It is your day, no doubt at all
Let me congratulate
And shame on everybody there
Who should forget this date

Author: Horst Winkler

Good Wishes for a birthday

Your lucky star will always shine
And everything will turn out fine
All of your wishes might come true
The sky above you should be blue
The wind will blow all clouds away
So you can smile on every day
Your soccer team will always win
No one will kick you on your shin
No virus will be in your mails
No ugly number on your scales
You always will have good advice
Your revenue shall always rise
The lights will all turn green for you
Your problems shall be very few
The jackpot should be yours someday
No obstacles should block your way
Find everywhere an open door
These are my wishes and some more

Author: Horst Winkler

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