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Short Love Poem

Although the years will come and go
I hope, that in your heart you know
Forever I will love you true
Iīm always there to see you through

Author: Horst Winkler

Poems for a confirmation

Have confidence in your good skills
Hang on to every dream
Avoid the superficial thrills
They are not what they seem

Make your own goals to reach one day
And if you really try
You can achieve them anyway
We (I) will be standing by

Author: Horst Winkler

a similar poem in German

Donīt you think: A confirmand
Is in a real no-manīs-land?
No more a child? Already grown?
Donīt leave them with their doubts alone

Author: Horst Winkler

a very similar poem in German language

Wedding Poems

The Harbour of Marriage

The sea of life has different tides
And all the ships on constant rides
Go up and down in ceaseless fight
'cause there are storms and reefs at night

But if by chance and friendly winds
Two ships should meet and there begins
A common trip to reach a goal
A life-long harbour for the soul
Then everywhere you'll hear it said
It's wonderful that they have met

Author: Horst Winkler

Poem in German with the same content as in the poem above

Toast To A Wedding Couple

The lovely happy bride
Is such a pretty sight
She lightens up the room
Beside her is the groom
He stands so proud and tall
There is no doubt at all
That happiness is near
Letīs give them both a cheer!

Author: Horst Winkler

German Poem with a very similar content as in the poem above

For A Golden Anniversary

Your golden anniversary
Is a happy jubilee
And we love to celebrate
All together now this date

Author: Horst Winkler

Congratulation for the
of a Business

My wishīs your business shall bloom
And that your revenue will zoom
Sales volumes will be magnified
Your customers are satisfied
And snatch all things out of your hand
Your enterprise- it will be grand

Author: Horst Winkler

Good-bye Poems

Poems to someone, who wants to leave a team

We do not like to let you go
But as it seems you must
īcause life is in a constant flow
Who stays too long will rust

We hope, that what you seek, youīll find
And everything is fine
Give us a buzz, we will not mind
Or sometimes drop a line

Author: Horst Winkler

There is certain gentleman
Who wants to leave us with the plan
The money, that he saved so long
To squander now, can this be wrong?

We say good luck and let him go
Weīd like to keep him, but we know
No ropeīs so strong to tie someone
Whose mindīs already on the run

Author: Horst Winkler

Kind poem to say good-bye to a team

Itīs hard for me to leave this place
And say good-bye to you
The time has come - I have to face
A chapter, which is new
You can be sure: I wonīt forget
How nice youīve been to me
Itīs really much to my regret
I donīt leave you with glee

Author: Horst Winkler

Thank you Poem

The Certain Word

Do you know the certain word
That is much too seldom heard
It is shy and tries to hide
Itīs held back because of pride
But as soon as it appears
And it comes to someoneīs ears
You will see what it can do
How much it will return to you

Author: Horst Winkler

German poem with a similar content

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